5 Unique Chair Designs

Spice up your interiors with unusual and unique chair designs that are both attractive and useful for your everyday living. There are hundreds if not thousands of chair designs to choose from and looking for something refreshing is not hard to find. The following unique chair designs are great examples of one-of-a-kind chairs that are great conversational and centerpieces for any type space.

1. OFO chair by Solovyoy Design Studio

You maximize your space with this multi-functional chair while having a unique piece of art for your living space. It’s sensuous curves and selection of bright colors can give any room a quick update while you enjoy the extra space for your books.

Unique Chair Design

OFO chair

2. Anglerfish Chair, by Ontwerpers

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration when it comes to man’s art, and this Anglerfish chair is just the perfect example. Like the unique anglerfish which uses light emitted from escas to attract prey, the chair’s light has built in light that illuminates from above providing lighting to the user. You can enjoy a book under the light or just simply enjoy lounging with its ergonomic design.

Unique Chair Design

Angler Fish Chair

3. Modern Centipede Chair, by A. Bitonti

Another nature inspired and unique chair design is this centipede chair. The unusual design is made of shape memory polymer active cores with 100 legs. You can plug the chair to a standard electric outlet and mold it into any shape.

Unique Chair Design

Modern Centipede Chair

4. Hush Chair by Freyja Sewell

For flexibility and style, this unique chair is the perfect pick. Made from a single piece of water jet-cut industrial felt, it is then sewn by hand using wool yarn. It also includes a number of cushions that are attached to make a nest-like floor. From it’s main form as a chair it can be converted into a seed case-like tent-mode or into a baseball mitt-resembling chair.

Unique Chair Design

Hush Chair

5. Kanom Lounge Chair by Thinkk Studio

Made from bush sponge-iron framing with upholstered fabric, this unique chair design is inspired by the banana leaf which is used for wrapping various Thai food delicacies. You can choose to lounge in a green, white or purple Kanom chair.

Unique Chair Design

Kanom Lounge Chair

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