8 Uniquely Interesting Sustainable Buildings

This is a small collection of the most interesting buildings in the world. There are many more amazing buildings out there but these are buildings that are shortlisted according to its uniqueness, functionality and sustainability.

1. Signature Towers, One of the Most Interesting Buildings to Be Built in Dubai by Zaha Hadid

Also known as Dubai’s Dancing Towers, the Signature Towers was envisioned to have a design that can be a symbol and icon for Dubai. The fluid design is intertwined to share programmatic elements and can rotate to maximize the views.

Most Interesting Buildings in the World

2. Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado, U.S. by Walter A. Netsch

The iconic landmark was completed in 1963 at a cost of $3.5 million. It is one of the most interesting buildings in the world because of the unusual use of 17 spires made mainly of aluminum, glass and steel which soars more than 150 feet.

Air Force Chapel

3. The Bubble House, France, by Antti Lovag

As a pioneer in ferro-cement design, Lovag was able to integrate organic shapes and forms found in nature into the concept. It was finished in 1989 for the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

Most Interesting Buildings

4. Civic Center, California, U.S. by James Mary O’Connor

The Civic Center is one the most interesting buildings in the world because of its unique use of light, colors and patterns that range from transparent to translucent. The Civic Center is the first building of its type in the country to receive a LEED-Certified rating through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Civic Center

5. Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands, By Piet Blom

Positioned on top of a pedestrian bridge, the Cubic Houses is one of the most interesting buildings in the world due to the unique tilted cubes that sit on a hexagon shaped pole structures.

Cubic Houses

6. Madrid Civil Courts of Justice, Spain, by Zaha Hadid

One of the most unique designs for a civil court, the Madrid Civil Courts of Justice are made from shifting metallic panels with plenty of green features.

Civil Court

7. National Centre for the Performing Arts, China, Paul Andreu

The unique NCPA resembles an enormous egg, lying in an artificial lake made of titanium and glass. The stunning structure took almost 6 years to be built which is considered a long time frame compared to other new buildings in China.

National Center

8. Eden Project, United Kingdom, by Nicholas Grimshaw

Considered as the world’s largest geodesic domes, the Eden Project has two different biospheres namely the Humid Tropical Biome that features a jungle environment and the Warm Temperate Biome that features plants from Mediterranean, South Africa and California.

Eden Project

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