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10 Fresh New jQuery Tutorials

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jQuery is quickly becoming one of the most popular java script libraries that developers are using. There seems to be so many new tutorials always popping up all over the place, so here’s some of the newest jQuery tutorials that you might not have seen before.

1. Top Up


2. Coda Slider v.2


3. jQSlickWrap


4. JQuery Sprite Animation Plugin


5. FireQuery


6. jQuery horizontal tabs with slide down sub menus


7. jCapSlide


8. jQuery Slider plugin (Safari style)


9. jQuery Twitter Ticker


10. Making an Interactive Picture with jQuery


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  • designfollow

    very useful

    thank you

  • Design Informer

    I love the build internet tutorial.

  • GafroNinja

    Excellent list.

    jquery firebug addon! Going to check it out now.


  • Thanks, i try mainly #2 and #10.

  • Tomas

    Great collection of high quality tutorials, thanks.

  • Bharani M

    Very useful tutorials.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • waleed

    also find my top jquery-image-content-slider for this month

  • Geekyard

    Wow :) Great tutorials…My blog looks cool with jQuery effects ;)

  • Devang Patel

    Wow…. great unique collection….. well worthy :)

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