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10 Extraordinary Single Page Sites

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Single page, simplistic websites seem to become more popular everyday. I for one love the simple, one page look. I like them because they just get straight to the point. Here’s a few extraordinary examples of single page sites for your enjoyment.

1. Fortyone

Single Page Sites

2. Frederik Moes

Single Page Sites

3. Riley Hamilton

Single Page Sites

4. Carbon House

Single Page Sites

5. Alex Edward Fish

Single Page Sites

6. James Lipscomb

Single Page Sites

7. Bunton

Single Page Sites

8. Chris Rowe

Single Page Sites

9. Ziv Meltzer

Single Page Sites

10. Creative Joomla Design

Single Page Sites

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Greg loves design, marketing, and new media. You can follow him on Twitter @gregdougherty.

  • David

    Nice list. If I had to pick a favorite Chris Rowe’s site would be it.

  • Bastien

    Riley Hamilton’s webpage is really nice. Breaking conventions :)

  • Mike Smith

    Nice list here. I have never even seen 6 of them.

    *I’d add mine to the list if I could :)

  • Chris Rowe

    Thanks for mentioning my site :)

  • Greg Dougherty

    No problem Chris, I love it!

  • mark


  • Adam Hughes

    The Fortyone site looks very similar to an amazing site called We Are Hunted

  • Greg Dougherty

    Yea, We Are Hunted is a pretty sweet site

  • Peach

    Great list. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  • Max Beatty

    Anyone who loves this post would probably like I’m not involved with it in any way just been subscribed to their RSS feed for a few months and usually enjoy what they find

  • These are great. I wish my website could have made the list! 8)

  • clippingimages

    WoW :) Awesome collection of single page sites , Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • Jeff
    11-03-09 should be on that list.

  • Todd Wallace

    They don’t say much, just what’s important. Nice.

  • Mark

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    We’d love to hear your feedback.

  • tutsking

    Very nice. :)

  • sarah

    We have a onepage template, free for download, we hope you like it!

  • Color Experts

    Thanks for sharing extra ordinary post…..

  • Thank you for your extraordinary list. I think its very informative and creative.

  • Marvelous collection. Thanks For Sharing.

  • Fantastic post! Lovely work.

  • Clipping path BD

    Thanks for this sharing. Many of them are likable to me.

  • this post are extraordinary.thanx to share………

  • Robin

    I mark this blog for my next project to create I will helped by it. Thanks for share.

  • Dinesh Verma

    I loved this blog …. why you stopped updating this blog?

  • Your designing is beautiful thanks for this great inspiration….

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