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8 Websites that I’m in Love With

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Okay so to start this post off, these aren’t sites that no one’s ever heard of. These are relatively popular sites within the design community, but I want to share them. There might be some of you who don’t know about these sites at all, and if you don’t then I’d like to help you out. These sites push web design and development to the next level. This is where web design and development should be. I love pretty much every aspect of these 8 sites.

1. Mail Chimp

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

2. Mint

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

3. WuFoo

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

4. GoodBarry

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

5. SquareSpace

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

6. Krop

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

7. Big Cartel

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

8. Virb

8 Websites that I'm in Love With -

What sites are you in love with?

Share some of the sites that you’re in love with in the comment section.

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Greg loves design, marketing, and new media. You can follow him on Twitter @gregdougherty.

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  • Propagganda

    I agree. These sites are beautiful. Yours is one of my favorites. Enviable

  • Nadine

    Looks like some great sites there! Here are a few of mine off the top of my head:

    Letters of Note

  • Mail chimp is really well designed. The illustration does wonders for the design.

  • @Nadine – I like idrive. cool!

  • Kevin Zurawel

    These are all great products and great sites, but what exactly makes you love them? Is it the design, the functionality, the interface…? I certainly agree with you that they’re great but I would have liked to see more explanation about what went into your choices.

  • Greg Dougherty

    @Kevin Zurawel: Well at first glance it’s the design, but then you look into the back end code and modern ajaxy stuff which makes me enjoy these sites on a whole different level.

  • inspirationfeed

    I love Wufoo myself, it offers great features.

  • jonn3


  • These are very nice inspiration for web designs. I am glad I stumbled upon your post.

  • Smitha787

    Very nice! ecdfekdfbd

  • oh my god veery perfect site