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Electronic Retail Store Websites in the Year 2000

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Going back and looking at how we viewed the internet even a short time ago is always fun to look at. I’ve made a list of electronic retail store websites in the year 2000. I hope you can find some of the great/funny things on them. Hint: Look at the Comp USA site, it says “Check out our Y2K Resource Library.”

Best Buy

Best Buy Image

Circuit City


HH Gregg (’01)

HH Gregg

Walmart Electronics




Kmart Electronics (’02)


Game Stop

Game Stop

Target Electronics (’02)

Target Electronics

Comp USA

Comp USA



Office Depot

Office Depot

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Greg loves design, marketing, and new media. You can follow him on Twitter @gregdougherty.

  • .frission

    Wow, it seems like so long ago.
    I have to say, I like modern websites infinitely more, these lack any sort of interesting… well… anything.
    Nice post though, always good to look back.

  • Ted S

    It’s really interesting to see how far we’ve come but also who was leading back then. If you look at the Target site it’s more simplistic than what we have today but the hero shot, thumbnails and small category boxes are very much inline with several of the leading CE sites including Amazon. Others companies like Bestbuy have done a complete 180 and gone from rather bad to leading the space.

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