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Feelings, Dollars, and Future: An Interview with Tung Do (aka Small Potato of

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Many of us in the WordPress community know him as Small Potato, but since his departure from the web over a year ago with the sale of his site,, not many of us have heard a peep out of Tung Do. We at got the chance to interview Tung Do and find out his feelings toward the sale of his site, what he did with the money, and his possible future plans.

How do you feel about being one of the first sites out there to offer great WordPress help?

At the time, it seemed like I joined the WordPress community pretty late so I can’t say Wpdesigner was one of the first. I don’t know how I feel about it really. There’s no specific feeling / thought towards it. Offering WordPress help was something I did as a hobby.

It’s been about a year and a couple of months since the sale of, what are your general feelings toward the sale?

The same project I worked on for almost two years went down in flames, but selling it allowed me to take a break from everything, disappear for a while, slow down to enjoy life, and travel to explore. One door closes and another opens. Coming back to the web after some traveling to refund the themes club members because the new owner closed it down was the closure I needed. I’m over it now.

You reportedly got 65k for the sale. Even though that is a lot of money, do you think that you could have gotten even more for WPDesigner?

Yes, with better preparation and a complete set of sponsors ready for the site, I coud’ve gotten more. However, better preparation takes one to two months, three even.

Do you think you could’ve gotten more if you sold it today amongst all of the other WordPress blogs?

I can’t say. It depends on where Wpdesigner could’ve been if I hadn’t sold it.

So what did you do with all the money you got from the sale of WPDesigner?

The bulk of it went into vacation and tax. I didn’t have any plan for a come back project. The money was for me to take my mind off of everything. Money comes and goes. If you run out, just make more.

Do you have any current relationship with the now infamous owner that took over WPDesigner?


Do you still follow the latest WordPress design and development tricks? If so, what are some of your favorite sites to follow?

I found some time to read a bit of Ian’s WordPress theme tutorial series at, but haven’t gotten time to get back into it fully. Right now, I’m busy with design projects

What have you been doing in your time away from the web?

Travel. Chill. Spend time with the relatives during Vietnamese New Year. Get back to my roots in Vietnam. Teach english. Learn to play the guitar.. Eat fried chicken, fried fish, fried shrimp, fried crab, and fried rice. Watching the sun rise. Cow-chasing and stuff.

You’ve recently started, do you have any plans for building on this site at all? Maybe similar to

No, I’m not planning on it. If it happens, then it happens. Currently, I’m practicing web design by giving out free blog redesign for personal blog owners at

Are you currently involved in any other projects? Are you working full time somewhere or are you freelancing?

I’m not freelancing, yet. Currently, I work for myself (which means I’m broke for those who don’t understand web designer lingo). But, I’m going to be busy soon. Expect to hear about me over and over again until you’re tired of me and then some.

Thank you so much for talking to TheDesigned. I really hope you do create another place on the web for us all to look at and enjoy!

I hope so too. Thanks man.

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  • Peter

    I’m glad Small Potato is back and am looking forward to hearing more about what he’s up to. He gained a lot of respect in the WP community before he left.

  • Design Informer

    Glad you’re back.

  • Ryan

    I think I’m happier to see Small Potato back than anyone else! He did an absolutely stunning job on my new site design: