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10 of the best WordPress contact form plugins to choose from

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Trying to find a WordPress plugin that is suited for your needs can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. The other day I was looking for a good contact form plugin and I came across so many that were either out of date or not what I needed. I figured there are other people out there that might be having some of the same issues so that’s why I put together this list of the 10 best contact form plugins that I could find.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)

Enhanced WP Contact Form

Enhanced WP Contact Form

Scaleable Contact Form Plugin

Scaleable Contact Form Plugin

Tiny Contact Form

Tiny Contact Form

Spam-Free Contact Form

Spam-Free Contact Form

MM Forms

MM Forms

WP Clean-Contact

WP Clean-Contact



Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress

Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress

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About the Author

Greg loves design, marketing, and new media. You can follow him on Twitter @gregdougherty.

  • Eric Martin

    A nice round-up of WP contact plugins. Thanks for including SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)!

  • Tom Belmans

    Thanks for adding our plugin!

  • Steve Robillard

    Thank you I wasnoticing the same thing. Lots of outdated or overblown solutions to what should be a simple thing. I don’t understand why this is not part of WP itself – doesn’t every site need a contact form.

  • Keith

    Nice post, and good collection :)

  • Greg Dougherty

    Yea, WP should really think about putting a contact form in the core….. but until then we shall all use plugins!!

  • Loy

    You forgot Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form, which I use in my blog. :-)

  • Stefan

    I personally prefer Contact Form 7 since it’s so easy to install and get started with it. Just by simple activating the plugin you will have a fully functional contact form, without any hassle.

  • Pavel Ciorici

    You should definitely check Easy Contact
    I’m using it on my website and recommend it to everyone –

  • I like to used ryan duff WP contact form at my blog at easy and simple to me.

  • Kevin

    Gravity Forms is more like the form builder that WordPress forgot to include.. simple, intuitive interface, tons of options.

  • Webmaster

    I will try out the Contact Form 7 on Funny videos. thx for a nice list

  • Roelof

    Nince list, since a few days I would like to add our own Contact Form Plugin:

    You should give it a try!


  • Prasanth Chandra

    I use Secure and Accessable contact form on my blog . It is very good.

  • sana


    can anybody help me with the drop down menu tags… i have a form in which i have an option of drop down menu.. and i want the option to appear in the email that is sent to me once the form is submitted… but i cant find the tag to add in the email message area…


  • bee

    theres any contact form with share file or upload file botton inside..??

  • Thanks. It was helpful. If you require more functions than you can try Wufoo!

  • BrianK

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  • Stas

    I suggest to use free PHP IDE Codelobster PHP Edition with special WordPress plug-in.

  • Woody Brown

    It would be much more helpful to see an image of each actual form, rather than the site’s marketing page for that form.

    Don’t you think?

  • The Designed

    This post by Greg is intended to help visitors find a few good contact plugins rather than an in depth look at what each contact form offers. Good idea though for future posts like this, thanks!

  • Pete

    Been trying out all the above plugins and will write up a more detailed analysis shortly.

    A first result I’m happy to share (top2):

    “Gravity Forms” as suggested above looks like the ‘latest’ one – best UI feel.

    “cforms” best one of the above in terms of flexibility and options, it beats all of the above hands down.

  • Jimmmy


    Great list, thanks for putting it together.

    Don’t suppose you know of any drop down contact form plug ins? I’m looking for something a little more discrete.



  • Webtoolfeed

    Great article, i like Enhanced WP Contact Form the most .

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    Great plugins, these will come in handy.

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  • Chiro Gary

    I like contact form 8 with captcha.

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  • Tim Archer

    Contact Form 7 doesn’t support a ‘thank you’ response page because the developer doesn’t deem them necessary (usability 101, dude). There is a hack but it isn’t reliable. Look elsewhere.

  • eago

    Have you got anymore information about this because i’ve been looking everywhere for it.

  • Pyrameda

    For a simple for, I like Contact Form 7 best. Which form builder would you recommend for more advanced form building?

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  • Matt Stevens

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    Thanks for these best WP contact forms list.

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  • hmong

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  • Gunam

    Contact Form 7 is one of the best plugins. The options are flexible and you can easily create and display the contact form of your choice. Thanks for list.

  • Phil

    Been tinkering with a few of these posted above, really liking the cformsII one, excellent plugin.

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  • Jake V.

    You are right about finding the correct plugin can be a hassle, especially for a decent sized project. Great post here thanks.

  • Thanks for that list.

    I will try Form 7 and Enhanced, they look great.

  • Adam Mason

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  • Great post. I have been stumbling in the dark the last few days trying to find a decent forms plugin. Cforms seems quite popular, but I am having some problems with file uploads. I am going to see what Dagon (the fish god) has to offer.


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  • I’ve used contact form 7 for everything thus far, but haven’t seen anything that’s really blown me out of the water with ease of use and functionality. I think there’s definitely room for improvement with these types of plugins.

    Nice round up of what’s out there.

  • John

    I currently use cformsII on two websites, but I’ve found two significant weaknesses. First, I cannot auto upgrade it like the other plugins. Second, every time I upgrade it, I have to re-edit the CSS manually to adjust the space around checkboxes and the location of the submit button. As such, I’m looking into another option. Contact Forms 7 seems to get many high reviews.

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  • Our site uses the Contact Form 7 plugin. Works really well for our multiple forms such as prescription refills, appointment requests, etc.

  • Geekyard

    I use contact form 7 and its really cool ;)

  • Chris Quinn

    This is a great contact form list. Even though it’s from 2009 a lot of these plug-ins have been updated. Great post.

  • Adam

    M’kay… just thought that I might point out that it’s ABSOLUTELY USELESS TO US to provide a screenshot of the form’s download page. Are you serious? Now I’m supposed to install all these just so I know what they look like?

  • Imraan

    great plug-ins.. i am gonna use 1 of em..

  • Asuradech

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  • Domain Name Sale

    Appreciate your putting together the list. I have one more suggestion to add – Contactme plugin. Even though it puts a link in the bottom, but its one of the easiest plugins for contact form.

  • James

    Easy Contact should be on that list. I was using hundreds of contact form in past and recently I discover Easy Contact and I’m very happy using it so far.

  • wordpress plugin

    Contact form 7 is very cool and flexible plugin also you forgot about form builder i used it and it work really well.thansk for sharing cool list.


    I want to use best contact form in my site here…

  • Ryan

    Looks like you have forgotted to include WATS from

    This one allows to submit forms with unlimited numbers of input custom fields. Submission can also be performed by email. Last but not least, everything is tracked in DB and easily queryable through frontend…

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  • Bobby

    Hey, I saw the best WordPress contact form plugin the other day. Jotform. wow I must admit these guys are awesome

  • I think Tiny Contact Form great for me.

  • aem

    je ne trouve pas de plugin wp qui convient …

    mon besoin est de pouvoir organiser à l’écran la disposition des cellules/champs formulaire …

    le css des plugin presentés ne permet pas de modifier facilement cette ergonomie … sauf modifier le php !

    Dommage … si ca existe avec Fast Secure Contact Form je prends !


  • Allan

    Just came across this new one on my travels and thought i’d share. I like the interface and it seems to work well. Is anyone using this yet? If so would you recommend it ?

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  • George

    Please tell! Which one did you choose and why.

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  • MyMoneyDesign

    Thanks for the top 10 list. This is helpful for deciding what my options are.

  • wp tech support

    I was looking for a contact form plugin that has a decent file uploader in it – but one that’s not so complicated that my customers can’t use it.

  • This is true. A lot of plugins do not work well but these look really nice!

  • Yes contact form 7 is the best free solution.

  • John

    I’ve tested most of forms and quizes plugins on different websites depending on the needs but in the end gravity forms worked best. Is so easy to adapt it and you’ll end up using it for more than simple forms.

  • I was more than happy to discover this page. I need to to thank you for ones time for this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and i also have you book marked to look at new stuff on your website.

  • Jim Fardy

    Thanks for the list. I’ve used Gravity Forms and it works fine but man, it’s so resource hog and absolutely not for newbie. Last week I found a new contact form plugin it’s called FormBerry ( ) this one is pretty cool as it loads fast on my shared server plus the features are wickedly packed with advanced features. Hope this helps.


  • WPiFramer

    Another WordPress contact form builder plugin that can do lot of things and probably better than gravity forms IMHO is FormBerry ( ) this contact form is a beast. they’ve included digital signature, google map, google analytics, nonces logic and more. It also supports leading autoresponders via API OAuth authentication and API key integration.

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  • AMA Compushop


    Great list, thanks for putting it together.

    Don’t suppose you know of any drop down contact form plug ins? I’m looking for something a little more discrete.

    Thanks :)

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    BTW, great list of plugins

  • Digital Easel

    I’ve used Gravity Forms for higher end projects, but when you’re looking for something that’s free and offers comprehensive customizing, you can’t choose better than cforms.

  • Thanks for the great post. I’ve just spent ages looking at contact form script and then came across your website. I’ll be using one of the recommended plugins. Many thanks.

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