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Replicate your favorite sites vol. 1: Flickr

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There are many web sites that continue to create and push their sites to a new level. I’m always wondering how they did some things. So I’ve put together a little round-up of how to replicate some of our favorite sites. In volume 1 of this series, I look at Flickr, but coming soon I’ll take a look at some other popular websites including like Apple and Facebook.

Editing Fields

Flickr-Like Editing

Simple Image Slideshow

Flickr-Like Slideshow

Simple CSS Image Maps

Flickr-Like Image Maps


Flickr-Like Pagination


Flickr-Like Editing-in-Place

Photo Notes

Flickr-Like Photo Notes

Flickr Menu

Flickr-Like Menu

About the Author

Greg loves design, marketing, and new media. You can follow him on Twitter @gregdougherty.

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    Great resource. I just hope no one will get encourage to slap Flickr on their fingers. ;)

    Could you possible cover a search engine for price comparison later on?

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